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Fighting Childhood Hunger, School by School, in North Texas

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We fund raise to fight childhood hunger school by school!

Though the years, we at Food for the Soul have become very aware that many children who benefit from free and reduced lunch programs at school may not have access to food after school hours. When the school bell rings on Friday, these students could go without eating a single meal from Friday when they get out of school until Monday when classes resume. That is 65 hours without food. We call it “Survive 65”. Can you go 65 hours without eating? It’s not fun we have tried it. Now dial you back to 10 years old and think about Monday morning trying to answer questions in class or take a test. All I would be thinking about would be what is for lunch. I might even be distracted and a little grumpy.

When children don't have access to food to help fill the gap outside of school days, they are left vulnerable to hunger and poor nutrition, which puts them at risk for poor health in the future. The cycle of poverty repeats itself. Children need food to grow physically, mentally to succeed in the future to become the men and women God designed them to be. In order to meet the need of these precious children, Food for the Soul provides 2 breakfast, 2 lunches, 2 dinners and 4 yummy fun snacks through our Backpack Program all school year.

At Food for the Soul, we have a passion to serve God through feeding the hungry children in our communities. We humbly seek donations from individuals, corporations, businesses, groups, churches, and families in the community to help meet the growing need of food for school-age children in the DFW area.

We ask that you prayerfully consider making a gift today so that we can reach more children in need. No gift is too small. If 2,000 people would give $5/week then the goal would be raised, and 2,000 hungry children would be feed every weekend!

Thank you for helping Food for the Soul Fight Childhood Hunger!